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Medi Farcoo Limited Launches their plan in the Original Ultrasound Probes

Medi Farcoo Limited Launches their plan in the Original Ultrasound Probes

Medi Farcoo Limited has been known as a professional supplier of Compatible Ultrasound Probes from China for years. With their constant hardworking, they have the stable supply capacity for the original ultrasound transducer probes up to now. Mostly are Brand New probes from Philips, Aloka, GE, Siemens, Hitachi and so on. One of the highly recommended probe is X5-1 for Philips IE33, picture as below:


The Philips X5-1 ultrasound transducer combines the xMATRIX array technology with PureWave crystal technology for excellent image quality all the time, supporting 2D, 3D, color flow, M-model, PW/CW Doppler, Tissue Doppler imaging and contrast-enhanced exams. It could be applied with Abdominal, Adult Echo, Contrast, Pediatric Echo, TCD, Renal and Vascular examinations.


All of these sounds so good but its not enough. Except the Brand New Ultrasound Probes, Medi Farcoo Limited could also supply the DEMO probes in very good condition and Pre-owned transducers in different kinds of conditions for more choices.

Among the most popular ultrasound transducers, Toshiba transducers must be the top one, with their excellent performance in imaging technologies, deep inspection and stable quality, with hundreds of probes with different frequency and width range to choose.


To use the DEMO and pre-owned ultrasound transducers has a lot of meanings for many hospitals around the world. Many of the Brand New ultrasound probes have a high cost up-to hundreds of thousands of dollars, which cannot be born by many hospitals who have limited budgets. In this point, if they can buy the same probes with same function with much lower cost, that would be a very happy thing.


DEMO ultrasound probes are normally just in display or operation demonstration for several times in limited period. After that, they could be sold. Though they wont be packed in the original sealed box, and their appearance wont looks very new, the function and condition are normally nearly same to the original probes.

Pre-owned ultrasound probes are normally replaced by some new-comings with latest technology, or just because the replacement of ultrasound machines. Most of them have some flaws in appearance, label, lens or crystals, but wont effect the good working on machines.


If you are responsible for the whole plan of the annual purchase of a hospital, Brand New/DEMO/Pre-owned ultrasound transducers would be all good for your consideration.

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