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The development of Medical Ultrasonic Transducer Probes

The development of Medical Ultrasonic Transducer Probes

        Ultrasound diagnosis is a non-invasive, real-time, non ionizing radiation, use convenient, low cost, suitable for a wide range of diagnostic methods and widely used in the field of Ob-GYN, Cardiac, general surgery, Urology, Orthopaedics, ENT, Thoracic surgery and Oncology clinical.

The medical ultrasonic probe is between the medical ultrasonic system and the patient. It is the key component of the highly centralized technique in the system, and its main characteristics are closely related to the transducer technology. The research and development of transducer is the focus of ultrasonic technology research. The most frequent used transducer in the ultrasound imaging equipment is the one-dimensional phased array transducer, which has been widely used in the diagnosis of the cardiovascular, uterine accessory, breast, liver and spleen pancreas kidney, thyroid, and the eye.

With the development of ultrasonic medical engineering technology, ultrasonic probe has been developed from the original in vitro with fan-shaped, convex and linear probe to the intracavity probe, tube probe, and even the miniature catheter probe with diameter of a few millimeters. Through the endoscopic biopsy channel, the ultrasonic probe can be placed in the endoscope tip, directly import into the lumen and go ahead with the diagnosis and the corresponding treatment.

      The application and development of medical ultrasonic probe are mainly embodied in the following three aspects:optical integration,intervene with surgical integration and 3D real-time dynamic imaging.

      Medical ultrasonic imaging technology has many advantages, such as safe, effective, non-invasive, low cost, portable and easy to use. It has been widely used in clinical diagnosis. As the core components of the ultrasonic imaging system, transducer has been developed along with the development of material science, computer science, integrated development of science and technology and has developed from the narrow bandwidth of piezoelectric ceramics to the multi-function transducers for different organizations, the structure and morphology. In short, the piezoelectric material technology will move towards lead-free, high performance, thim film and diversification, while the ultrasonic probe will move towards high resolution, real-time and dynamic stability, miniaturization and environmental friendly development.


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