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Medical equipment output value in 2011

Medical equipment output value in 2011

According to the medical device industry,"Eleventh Five-Yead Plan",the total output value of China's medical device industry in 2011 will reach 1,000 billion yuan.


According to experts, China's medical equipment industry, from small to big, the rapid develipment of products has become a relative complete and increased the capacity of innovation,market demand is very big in the sunrise industry.


Especially in recent years, the medical device industry to further accelerate the pace of development, not only double-digit growth in value for many years, and the number of export and technological content is also increasing.


At the same time, we should also see the development of China's medical equipment industry foundation is week, Medical Device start lately, small medical device companies, and more, casual and low-level competition, the phenomenon still has not been a fundamental change, and improve medical equipment in China technological innovation capability, strengthen the medical device R & D of the Combination, has become a top priority.


Expert point out that China's medical equipment industry will enter into s new stage of rapid development in the next 10-15 years.


The formation of the founding of several decades of development based on people's health rehabilitation rigid demand for medical devices, medical equipment and technical personnel related disciplines of long-term reserves for medical devices with the vigorous support of technological innovation, is to promote the rapid development of medical device industry, the protection and motivation.


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