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Fetal Transducer (US & TOCO)

Shenzhen Medi Farcoo Medical Co.,Ltd. have the rich supply for the popular Fetal Transducer (US & TOCO) , such as the Edan US transducer, Edan TOCO transducer, Philips TOCO transducer, Philips original US transducer, GE US transducer, GE TOCO transducer, Goldway 3 in 1 Fetus transducer, Bionet original TOCO transducer, Bionet original US transducer, 3 in 1 Fetal transducer, SoniCaid US transducer and TOCO transducer.

With the guaranteed quality and excellent management system, we are proud and happy to receive enquiry and purchase order from the distributors, hospitals/clinics and doctors in the worldwide.

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