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EKG Trunk Cable and leads for Patient Monitor

Shenzhen Medi Farcoo Medical Co.,Ltd. have the rich supply for EKG Trunk Cable and leads for the mainly and popular brands of Patient Monitors, such as WELCH ALLYN, HP TC30, GE Marquette, Hellige, Philips, Schiller, Mortara, Nihon Kohden, NEC, Kenz and all monitoring.

 All of the cables are made with Nylon Plug, Gold-plated needles and totally compatible with the original machines. The TPU cable is with five core shielded wire, there will be no allergic when exposed to human body. The Semiconductor coating has the characteristics of high performance antistatic and noise interference. The special alloy wires increases the cable's working life by 3-5 times. The Gold-plated terminals and snap fasteners ensure the signal connection to be more accurate.

EKG Trunk leads include the disposable adult and pediatric ECG electrodes with cloth round,wet gel, snap electrode, silver/silver chloride(Ag/Agcl) sensor; Also include the chest suction ball(Nickel or Ag/Agcl electrode, 6pcs/set) and limb electrode(Nickel or Ag/Agcl plated, 4pcs/set) for adult and pediactric.

The product performance exceeds the international standards of cables and leadwires. Welcome any of the distributors, hospitals/clinics, doctors to contact us for enquiry and purchase.

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