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Disposable NIBP Cuffs for Infant for baby
Disposable NIBP Cuffs for Infant for baby
  • Disposable NIBP Cuffs for Infant for baby

  • Disposable blood pressure cuffs for neonatal with customizable sizes and printings
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 REF # Single or Double  Patient Size Fabric Material  Limb Circumference 
 C1011N  Single  Neonatal #1  Non-Woven  3-6cm
 C1021N  Double   Neonatal #1  Non-Woven  3-6cm
 C1011N  Single   Neonatal #1  TPU  3-6cm
 C1021N  Double   Neonatal #1  TPU  3-6cm
 C1022N  Double   Neonatal #2  TPU  4-8cm
 C1022N  Double  Neonatal #2  Non-Woven  4-8cm
 C1012N  Single  Neonatal #2  TPU  4-8cm
 C1012N  Single  Neonatal #2  Non-Woven  4-8cm
 C1023N  Double   Neonatal #3  TPU  6-11cm
 C1023N  Double  Neonatal #3  Non-Woven  6-11cm
 C1013N  Single  Neonatal #3  Non-Woven  6-11cm
 C1013N  Single  Neonatal #3  TPU  6-11cm
 C1024N  Double  Neonatal #4  Non-Woven  7-13cm
 C1024N  Double  Neonatal #4  TPU  7-13cm
 C1014N  Single  Neonatal #4  TPU  7-13cm
 C1014N  Single  Neonatal #4  Non-Woven  7-13cm
 C1025N  Double  Neonatal #5  TPU  8-15cm
 C1015N  Single  Neonatal #5  TPU  8-15cm
 C1015N  Single  Neonatal #5  Non-Woven  8-15cm
 C1025N  Double  Neonatal #5  Non-Woven  8-15cm


* Disposable NIBP cuffs are for single patient use only, to avoid potential cross-infection

* Neonate Blood Pressure Cuff for Arm

* Color: White

* Sizes and printings are customizable

* MOQ: 500pcs

* One-piece/bladderless design, neat and comfortable

* Beautiful appearance 

* Compatible with most brands of patient monitors

* Latex Free and Biocompatibility test approved

* Quality Certification: CE & ISO13485



Shenzhen Medi Farcoo Medical Co.,Ltd., a professional provider of the high quality blood pressure cuffs, which could be compatible with the vital signs monitors and electronic sphygmomanometer.

All of the PVC hoses are medical grade;

All of the cuffs are in integrated design and have passed the 400mmHg pressure test;

All of the products are in 100% inspection for the appearance and the air tightness before packaging for delivery.

Because of the good air tightness, the high compatibility, the light and comforbility, the perfect certification system, together with the professional manufacturing device, the innovative technology,the strict environmental protection process, we are always able to provide the high-standard OEM/ODM supporting service for the manufacturers of patient monitors and electronic sphygmomanometers at home and abroad.


Up till now, we have become the leading provider of different kinds of disposable and reusable blood pressure cuffs, including the disposable nibp cuffs, disposable neonatal nibp cuffs, reusbale blood pressure cuffs, animal blood pressure cuffs, nibp connectors and hoses, electronic sphygmomanometer cuff, tourniquet cuffs, infusion pressure bags, and so on. All of the cuffs could be compatible with most brands of blood pressure monitor and patient monitor, including Mindray, GE, Philips, Bionet, Spacelabs, Biocare, Infinium, Ninhon Kohden, Masimo, Schiller, Drager, Welch Allyn, and BCi, etc.

Our current focus is on the series of non-invasive blood pressure cuffs, including the reusable and disposable cuffs, totalling more than 10 types cuffs which could be used in hospitals and families for all ages of people. The stable high-quality products have got high reputation among America and Europe.


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